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Welcome to GTALMAX DIES AND TOOLING INDIA Pvt Ltd, your trusted partner for a wide range of dies manufacturing services. We specialize in aluminum extrusion dies manufacturing, CNC machining, and heat treatment. Whatever your dies manufacturing needs may be, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with top-quality solutions.


  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Simulation
  • Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  • High-Speed Machining (HSM)
  • Smart Die Manufacturing with IoT
  • Die Surface Coatings and Treatments
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Die Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Hybrid Manufacturing Techniques

The adoption of the latest technologies in die making for getting more accuracy

How We Work

The Art of die manufacturing resonates within the walls of the workshop, where skilled artisans and cutting-edge technologies converge to craft precision dies for structuring aluminum products. The dynamic and intricate nature of this process requires a harmonious blend of expertise, machinery, and attention to detail. Let’s delve into the workings of a die manufacturing workshop to

" Elevate your success with precision and innovation as we forge excellence in aluminium die manufacturing. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology shapes a future of unmatched durability and performance. Trust us to mold your success with the highest standards, where every product is a testament to our dedication and expertise. "
CAD Design

CAD software facilitates tolerance analysis, allowing engineers to assess the impact of

Steel Cutting

Steel cutting is a pivotal phase in the die manufacturing process, where raw material


Machining plays a pivotal role in the intricate process of die manufacturing,

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a critical metallurgical process used to modify the properties

Die Finishing

Die finishing is the concluding phase in the meticulous journey of die manufacturing

Explore The World Of ALUMINIUM Profiles with US

The journey begins with the meticulous artistry of design and engineering. Expertise in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is harnessed to create intricate blueprints that define the geometry and specifications of the die. Engineers collaborate closely with designers to ensure that the die aligns perfectly with the intended use for the aluminum product. This phase demands a keen eye for precision and an understanding of the material’s behavior during the manufacturing process.


Aluminum, a versatile and lightweight metal, finds widespread use in various industries, from aerospace to automotive, owing to its exceptional properties. To enhance its mechanical strength, durability, and overall performance, aluminum undergoes a meticulous heat treatment process, and one advanced method employed is the aluminum vacuum heat treatment.

Heat treatment is a critical metallurgical process used to modify the properties of metals by heating and cooling them in a controlled manner. Aluminum, when subjected to heat treatment, can undergo changes in its microstructure, resulting in improved mechanical and thermal characteristics.

The vacuum heat treatment of aluminum holds significant advantages over traditional methods. Vacuum furnaces create an oxygen-free environment, preventing the formation of oxides on the aluminum’s surface. This is crucial, as oxides can negatively impact the material’s mechanical properties. The absence of air in the vacuum furnace also eliminates the risk of contamination, ensuring a clean and precise heat treatment process.


I am Sagar Jain "Vikash Aluminium Profiles" from Jamshedpur, we are happy with GTAlmax Products and Services and we definitely recommand GTAlmax services to our Vendors and Near and Dear as well
Sagar Jain
I am Manoj form "Vakkal Impex" from Hindupur, we are taking Dies regularly from GTAlmax, we are very happy with their services. Thankyou
I am Amit Agarwal "Supreme Steel Industries" from Mumbai, we are importers and exporters of various alloy steels, GTAlmax has beed procuring H13 Hard Die steel for their extrusion Dies since past 5 years. We have good relation with them
Amit Gupta
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